On this site I'm pleased to offer you a view of my favorite projects past and present.

As a playwright, it is my job to tell the truth. As a director, it is my job to help the actors and designers tell the truth. I have come to understand that the act of consuming theatre, theatre-going, is an act of truth seeking, and that theatre-making, at its best, is truth telling.

Jerrod Bogard

What's happening now? . . .

  1. Hugging the Shoulder now available for Pre-Order in print from Original Works Publishing.
    book cover link

  2. Playhouse Creatures commissions the TOP LOAD Project: A full-length work based on the one-act which they produced in November 2013. I'll be working with director, Kenny Wade Marshall, to create this new work while experimenting with structure and form.

  3. As Literary Manager for The Amoralists theatre company, helping develop a new, rough-n-tumble development series, unlike anything the city has seen.

    (updated Oct., 2014)


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