Get Your Deep Holiday Dickens!

"An eclectic holiday happening in the heart of the village."

8 performance groups each perform their favorite chapter from DICKENS' A CHRISTMAS CAROL in their own unique style. The chapters will be presented in narrative order bringing the timeless tale to life. That's 8 Scrooges on a single stage!

Concept Created by:
Jerrod Bogard

Contributing Artists Christmas 2007:

  • Rash Behaviour - the improv comedy group headed by Kenny Wade Marshall,
    and alumni performers at Caroline's on Broadway. (
  • Damon Pooser - Actor/writer/director seen on "Law and Order" and a student of Gene Frankel.
  • Wide Eyed Productions - Recently heralded by for their mesmerizing Medea. (
  • Brian Bernhard - Creator/Director the acclaimed "Art of Something Like It" brings us a short film.
  • Jerrod Bogard - Shadow Puppetry
  • An Audience of Two - Surreal sketch comedy. (
  • Aubrey Snowden and Company - Hip-Hop and Modern dance.
  • Matt & Joe Pepitone with Dan Onori from the band The Switch
    And a few surprises!




Chapter 1: A short film by Blight Productions

Chapter 4: Shadow Puppets by me (J Bogard)

JB: I was a little intimidated when Gail Thacker at the Gene Frankel Theatre asked me to pitch her a holiday show for the main space this December. We toyed with the idea of doing a festival of new work, and also talked about the classic staples of the holiday season. Both those options to me seemed immediately viable and also dreadfully tired. I thought, "why can't we have the best of both?" and pitched this theatrical gallimaufry. Gail began throwing in design ideas on the spot, and we knew we were on to something.

Chapter 7: Modern Dance by Abrey Snowden
Moder Dance Scrooge


Copyright 2006. Jerrod Bogard. All Rights Reserved.