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Hugging the Shoulder
Original Works Publishing -link to book
See production history here.

Jack and the Soy Beanstalk (book and lyrics)
Samuel French/Bakers Plays -link to book
See production history here.

The Spin Cycle: 5 Plays by Jerrod Bogard
Plays and Playwrights 2010; New York Theatre Experience -link to book
See production history here.

Supernova in Reseda
Best 10-minute Plays of 2014; Smith & Kraus -link to book

Best 10-minute Plays of 2010; Smith & Kraus -link to book

Best 10-minute Plays of 2009; Smith & Kraus -link to book

In Sheep's Clothing
Best Plays of the Strawberry One-act Festival: Vol. 3;
iUniverse - link

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Full-length Plays

Hugging the Shoulder

90 minutes. Drama. - O'Neill National Playwrights Conference Semi-finalist
cast: 2m. 1f. 1m/f.
set: flexible.

  A young man kidnaps his war veteran big brother, stuffs him into a van and drives him cross-country in an attempt to get him off heroin. LINK
Noah's Arkansas

120 minutes. Drama. - O'Neill National Playwrights Conference Semi-finalist
cast: 4m. 2f. 1f voice.
set: Interior with inset.

A trailer home in Arkansas sees a father, son, and grandson trying to glue their broken family back together with no clear blueprint on how the pieces are supposed to fit.LINK
Top Load

90 minutes. Comedy/Drama.
cast: 3m. 3w.
set: flexible.

A cycle of 4 short plays in which the supporting character of each story is the protagonist of the next. A jilted lover takes his revenge. An estranged daughter seeks closure from her infermed mother. A desperate woman shocks the neighborhood with her final plee for help. And a cop comes to terms with her outlaw brother. LINK
Damien & Gabriel

120 minutes. Drama.
cast: 8m. 3-4f.
set: flexible.

After being kicked off the football team at the very beginning of his high school senior year, Gabriel meets the new guy on the team. The two boys discover the wonders of first love, carrying the splendor of the world, and the mortal dangers of their small town society.

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Jack and the Soy Beanstalk 50 minutes. Musical Comedy.
cast: 4m. 2f.
set: flexible.
Rockin' family musical about localization and looking out for your neighbor. Rock-'n-roll + puppets. LINK
Goldilocks and the Three Polar Bears 60 minutes. Musical Comedy.
cast: 2m. 3f.
set: flexible.
The musical to warm the heart- not the globe! LINK
The Lion and
the Slave
12 minutes. Musical Comedy.
cast: 2m. 1f.
set: flexible.
An new take on the classic Aesop fable of Androcles and the Lion. Music by Julian Tuofec. Book&Lyrics by Jerrod Bogard.
Grunts Currently working on a new Rock Opera for adult audiences. >>Link<<

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Short Plays

Supernova in Reseda

12 minutes. Comedy.
cast: 1m. 2f.

An aging hollywood has-been discovers he has terminal cancer, and he will do anything to get on the Oscars obituary reel. LINK to The Times review.


Fool Me Twice

10 minutes. Comedy.
cast: 2m. 1f.

The Queen has to fire the court jester for being incompetent at his job. This laughtrap supposes the birth of April Fool's Day.


The Calm (or A Tale to Cure Deafness)

10 minutes. Drama. Verse.
cast: 3m. 1f.

The Duke of Milan has a traitor in his midst. This 10-minute play, written in Shakesperian verse, dramatizes the events described by Prospero in Act 1; Scene 2 of The Tempest.


Top-Load 15 minutes. Drama.
cast: 2m. 1f.
Donald ties up his ex-lover to teach him a lesson in loyalty. Drug addiction, betrayal, and chemistry combine to make an explosive reunion. LINK


The Madhouse 30 minutes. Guignol Thriller.
cast: 4m. 5f.
The world's most famous horror writer is committed to an insane asylum to help rid her of her writer's block. LINK


In Sheep's Clothing

25 minutes. Suspense.
cast: 3m.

3 men huddle around a campfire on a cold night. They tell scary stories to pass the time. The scariest story though, is the one that’s happening right now. LINK


Plays for the
Sunni Triangle
30 minutes. A political triptych.
cast: 5m. 2f. flexible
  An Army of Fun - a dramatic play in verse.
My Big Fat American Jihad - a absurd insurgency.
Just Your Average G.I. Joe - one soldier's take on yellow ribbons. LINK
First Base Coach

25 minutes. Comedy.
cast: 1m. 1f.

  9 yr-old Ben meets an older woman (11) for a date at the baseball field. He knows he wants to get her to go to first base, but if only he knew what the heck that meant. Do you remember your first time on first?LINK
Vatican Vince

10 minutes. Comedy.
cast: 3m. 3f.

  A liturgical layer cake starring a fed-up Priest, a Sunday Schoolmarm and a Sock Puppet sent to teach us the evils of Catholicism.
THEFT 10 minutes. Drama.
cast: 1m. 1f. + 1m ext. 1f ext.
  When Dr. Featherstone reports a mugging to the police, he’s ushered into a room wherein lies everything that’s ever been stolen from him. LINK
Copper Green 10 minutes. Drama.
cast: 2m. 1f. 1m/f (a little boy)
  On vacation in New York City, a mid-west family gets a load of lady liberty on the Staten Island Ferry.LINK
Hedge 10 minutes. Comedy.
cast: 2f.
  Two celebrity hunters enjoy their delusional pastime on the lawn of a Hollywood star. LINK

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The Cry At Midnight Feature, Thriller.
  Arneson Productions commissioned and produced this screenplay with director, Kenny Wade Marshall. (adapted from the play "The Baby" by Kyle Greene. Link.
Hugging the Shoulder Feature, Drama.
  Jeremy kidnaps his big brother and drives him cross-country in a van to get him off heroin. (Adapted from the stage play by the same title.)
Love Song Full Length, Romantic Comedy
  After struggling for years to make it big, Kevin has written a smash hit song. Everything is looking up for him and his band until they get sued for copyright infringement. Larissa claims that she wrote the hit single. Two strangers that live on opposite sides of the country— is it possible that they’ve both written the same love song? That’s for a judge to decide.
Scratch 15 minutes, Drama (pre-production)
  These NYC friends' annual Christmas party gets a floorshow and some hard won, long-overdue truth when a gifted lottery ticket wins big.
Gatorman 33 minutes, Suspense (Produced 2003)
  When a young boy’s mother is murdered he’s sent to live with his father and grandfather in the deep swamp. There he is told of the Gatorman, a monster that eats children who try to run-away. LINK
Big John 20 minutes, Western
  The Big J Ranch is under attack. The bank is threatening to foreclose, and the town wants to sell to the railroad. The problem is Big John doesn't legally own it anymore. Since his brother died in the War Between the States, the deed to the ranch is in the name of Big John’s nephew, little Arthur. Now who-ever has the kid owns the farm. It’s a western range war based on William Shakespeare’s King John.
OTB 10 minutes, Character Drama
  Some men love the track. They love the horses, the fresh air, and they love the thrill of the long shot. Other men only play the odds and refuse to even leave the neighborhood. These men go to OBT.

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