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"Bogard's intelligently observed voice makes him a welcome addition to the panoply of American playwrights, and certainly one to keep an eye on."
space- Martin Denton, (re: The Spin Cycle) >>link<<

"[Bogard] must hear dialogue rather than create it. ... [he] knows his characters and writes them well."
space- Sarah Happel, SoCal Magazine, (re: Hugging the Shoulder) >>link<<

"It's pretty rare to see a political piece that responds to events in wholly original ways, and audiences are as likely to be offended as moved by Bogard's work."
space - Anthony Nelson, (re: Plays for the Sunni Triangle) >>link<<

"Bogard artfully juxtaposes noble needs such as love and security with baser cravings, allowing us to explore the relationship between what we need and what we desire."
space- Ben Miles, (re: Hugging the Shoulder) >>link<<

"Bogard’s script works in pop cultural references that are both wholly organic and wonderfully silly. . . . an impressive job of assuming a smart, savvy audience."
space- by Li Cornfeld, OffOffOnline (re: The Spin Cycle) >>link<<

"does not disappoint on any level . . . The script is fast-paced and energetic, yet never sacrifices its sharp wit and clarity of purpose." 
space- Matt Roberson, (re: Jack and the Soy Beanstalk) >>link<<

“Jerrod Bogard (Book, Lyrics, Direction, Set, and Puppets) is just a tad too artistically brilliant for my tastes. His clear abundance of creativity, talent, and fantastic humor makes the rest of us look like we’re not really trying. "
space- Erin Winebark, (re: Jack and the Soy Beanstalk) >>link<<

“JACK AND THE SOY BEANSTALK is a rip-roaring good time musical with a light-hearted green message. This is a must see masterpiece for all ages.”
space - Jennifer Rathbone, >>link<<

“Bogard builds the first two acts of his play masterfully, . . . And then the turn of events that Bogard presents in the final act both surprises and moves us, taking this story of fathers and sons to an even deeper, more fulfilling place."
space- Martin Denton, (re: Noah's Arkansas) >>link<<

"Bogard has delivered a wonderful script in Noah's Arkansas that deftly pulls in its audience"
space- Nathan Havey, Huffington Post >>link<<

"a wonderful piece of theater for kids . . . I would watch it again even without the excuse of having my kid with me "
space- (re: Goldilocks and the Three Polar Bears) >>link<<


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