Plays for the Sunni Triangle

selected as


"It's pretty rare to see
a political piece that responds to events
wholly original ways,

and audiences are as
likely to be offended
as moved
by Bogard's work."

-- Anthony Nelson,

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Three interlocking 10-minute plays, each drawing cross hairs on a different aspect of the Iraq War.

  1. The first, An Army of Fun, is a dramatic play in verse. An army recruiter escorts a boy from his playroom of army-men to a real life as a desert grunt.

  2. In the second piece, Just Your Average G.I. Joe, one soldier responds to America's fondness for yellow ribbons.

  3. The third chapter is an absurd, farcical take on insurgency, terrorism, and anti-terrorism called My Big Fat American Jihad.

sunni pic
from left: Ryan Love, Scott Voloshin,
Bennett Harrell, Sarah Flanagan

Premiered as part of the
EndTimes Productions' Vignettes for the Apacolypse

Revived by popular demand at the
Shortened Attention Span Play Festival


Producers: Carlo Rivieccio and Christy Benanti


The Shortened Attention Span cast :


Justin Ness
The Luitenant and 2-Ton,
the Dumb Smart Bomb

Sarah Flanagan
American Boy and "Woman
Who Ran Out Screaming"

Ryan Love
The Black G.I.
and The Short Terrorist

Sky Seals
The White G.I.
and The Tall Terrorist

Liz White

The Actor

Will Allen
The Brown G.I.
and The Fat Terrorist

Kurt Rodeghiero

and The Serviceman

Trevor Dallier

The Bomber

Scott Voloshin
Just Your Average G.I. Joe.

Kristin Skye Hoffmann directs ...Kristin's site .

Director ~ Kristin Skye Hoffmann (Best Director nominee- Strawberry One-act Festival) launches this theatrical assault on the war in Iraq with a cast of 7 men and 2 woman, but Plays for the Sunni Triangle will not be your standard-issue anti-war play.


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