Hugging the Shoulder

The O'Neill's National Playwrights Conference

Derrick kidnaps his big brother, an Afghanistan War veteran. He locks him in a van and drives him accross the country. He'll do anything to get him off the drugs.

2 men; 1 woman; 1 m/w
90 minutes; flexible set

Now available in print
from Original Works Publishing.
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"packs an emotional wallop...
rings vibrantly and violently
true to life
-- Times-Picayune review"

...Bogard's script displays
the subtlety of a mature
Sam Shepard play..."

-- review


Hugging the Shoulder Los Angeles

"original, moving,
worth its weight in gold."
-- review

"convincing writing
that’s rife with apt metaphors"

"Hugging the Shoulder
stayed with me for days
-- article

"Bogard artfully juxtaposes noble needs such as love and security with baser cravings,"
-- review


from left: playwright, Jerrod Bogard with the producers Kenny Wade Marshal and Michael Freeland

above: Derrick (Ted Powell)pulls Jeremy (Nicholas Troy) out of harms way in the nick of time. (Represented Theatre Co., Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia)

above: Sibling rivelry can cause collisions. Brian Floyd (left)and Sam Dingman as Derrick. FringeNYC 2006 Photo by Brian Diaz

hugging fringenyc 06, Floyd, Petrov

Christy (Jane Petrov) searches for signs of life from Jeremy (Brian Floyd) - FringeNYC 2006, directed by Jerrod Bogard
Photo by Brian Diaz

The Chicago Fusion Theatre postcard

New York International Fringe Festival

Directed by
Jerrod Bogard
Sam Dingman as Derrick
Brian Floyd as Jeremy
Jane Petrov as Christy
Justin Ness as the Officer

Chicago Fusion Theatre
(Chicago, Summer 2007)
Directed by
Nilsa Reyna
Raymond Shoemaker as Derrick
Samuel Taylor as Jeremy
Natalie DiCristofano as Christy
Kerensa Peterson as the Officer.


THANKS, KIM, JAN and EVERYONE at the abingdon logo

Their 'First Reading Series' was amazingly beneficial
to the life and evolution of this play.

World Premeire Reading at the Sanford Meisner Theatre
by Adam J. Sullivan
Timothy Cole as Derrick
Brian Floyd as Jeremy
Rebecca Lovet as Christy

Filthy Rogue Productions
(Los Angeles, Fall 2008)
Directed by
Scott Brown
Dan Pawlowski as Derrick
Kevin Murphy as Jeremy
Kristin Hall as Christy
Brian Rudd as the Officer.

Represented Theatre Co.
(Philadelphia, February 2009)
Directed by
Bill Egan

Theater of Thought
(Rhode Island, Summer 2009)
Directed by
Amber Kelly


Copyright 2006. Jerrod Bogard. All Rights Reserved.