Top Load
by Jerrod Bogard

Playhouse Creatures commissioned Top Load: A full-length work based on the one-act which they produced in November 2013. Working with director, Kenny Wade Marshall, I created this new work while experimenting with structure and form.

A cycle of one-acts that puts audiences through a gauntlet of 4 dramatic set pieces in which each play's supporting character becomes the protagonist of the next, following a meticulously arranged trail of domestic hopes and regrets, illuminating the hidden lives of strangers at once beautiful, comic, and grotesque.

Individually, the plays present as dramatic power chords, intense hits on extreme situations like a ex-lover's abduction, and an abused daughter's revenge. But taken collectively, the plays explore the macro-cosmic perceptions of cause and effect, and how we story-telling humans make order out of the chaos, and carve identity from the random events of our lives.


topload reading card

Original One-act credits:
Cast: Joshua James* and William Webber (pictured right) and Janie Martinez. Scene and graphic design by Justin Dodd and costume design by Sabrina Kahn.

Directed by Kenny Wade Marshall


Synopsis of original one-act:
Donald's ex-lover teaches him a lesson in loyalty. Drug addiction, betrayal, and devotion make an explosive reunion.


Copyright 2006. Jerrod Bogard. All Rights Reserved.