When a young violinist witnesses his own mother’s brutal murder he is sent to live with his father and grandfather in the deep swamp. There he enters a nightmare world of abuse and folklore. His grandfather tells him the tale of the Gatorman, a creature that prays on children who cry or disobay. As he grows to be a young man he learns that the thing he fears the most is the only thing that can save him.


Gatorman is a 33-minute twisted tale. Produced by Julius Melendez and J3 Advertising. Story by Jerrod Bogard and Damein Futch. Written by Jerrod Bogard. Directed and edited by Jerrod Bogard and Damein Futch.

Production Stills  
We shot Gatorman on Lake Jessup in beautiful Sanford, Florida outside Orlando. Lake Jessup has the highest population of alligators of any lake in the U.S.

We were lucky to boast a rotating crew of 30 people and a cast of 14, but we needed them all for such an ambitious first project. Gatorman is my first film.

We built the set from scratch and it stands today as a monument of indie-film ingenuity.



Copyright 2006. Jerrod Bogard. All Rights Reserved.