Gilligan's Tempest
adapted, written and directed by Jerrod Bogard

Come with us to a magical island where Prospero and his daughter, Miranda, were long ago cast away and forgotten. When the very men who exiled him are themselves shipwrecked upon this island, Prospero must work his comic sorcery to have his revenge.
The Tempest is a fast-paced, waterlogged whimsy that boasts more spectacle, music, and physical comedy than any other Shakespearean antic -- all contributing to its popularity as one of the most beloved theatrical works of all time!

In Gilligan’s Tempest or Caliban’s Island, I have eliminated the non-essential characters, shaved off the extraneous dialogue, thrown in a few “quaint devices,” and come out with 60 minutes of frenzied hilarity performed by only 3 people. There’s even an original shadow puppet show that tells the story of how Caliban was born of the witch Sycorax and how Prospero became lord of the island. Oh, and how could I forget the original songs at the top and bottom of the show: parodies set to the tune of “The Ballad of Gilligan’s Island.”

I wanted to make Shakespeare accessible to contemporary audiences unfamiliar with the work. To help achieve this we used the archetypes of Gilligan’s Island to portray the 7 main characters of The Tempest with Caliban (of course) as Gilligan.
The Character changes were fast and furious. Adding to the comedy were elements of audience participation.

The shadow puppet show was all original, and this zany spectacle was an audience favorite. It replaced the masque as a magical wedding gift from Prospero to Miranda and Ferdinand. I constructed a set with a palm tree and bamboo doorway that the actors enjoyed playing around.

I’am developing other Shakespeare plays to be partnered with class-room workshops on Elizabethan theatre and literature. I hope soon to perform these in arts-in-education programs in the local area.




from the top: Sam Rivers, Jeff Young, Devin Moriarity


Copyright 2006. Jerrod Bogard. All Rights Reserved.