M is for Marathon MARATHON

The definitive short film chronicling the events following the Battle of Marathon in 490 BC, the journey of Phidippides.

Directed by Jerrod Bogard

SCREENING - APRIL 3rd & 4th, 2009
Ybor Festival of the Moving Image

The plains of Marathon, Greece, 490 BCE. The film opens at the onset of the bloodiest battle in Athenian history, the Battle of Marathon. Outnumbered 4-1, the Athenian hoplites force the Persian invaders back into the sea from which they came. The fighting on the plains is over, but for one soldier . . . the battle has only just begun.


Now Phidippides (Kurt Rodeghiero), with no formal training in long-distance running, must traverse more than twenty-four miles,
using only his feet, to the City of Athens. There he must warn the defenseless citizenry of the possible sneak attack from passing
remnants of the Persian fleet.

This important film explores the origin of the marathon foot race, recreating in cinematic splendor a feat of heroism that continues to inspire hundreds of thousands to run each year risking health and safety for reasons of... "great consequence?" Marathon is a dryly satiric, creatively ambitious D.I.Y. film that treats viewers to the history and origins of the modern Marathon- but with a loopy, Brecht-meets-Benny-Hill sensibility.


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