First Base Coach
by Jerrod Bogard

Now in Pre-production.

Adapted from the play of the same title- now published in Plays and Playwrights 2010 by New York Small Press inc.


Nine year-old Ben meets eleven year-old Amy on the baseball field after school. He's been told that when you go out with a girl your supposed to “go the bases,” but what's he supposed to do then? Lucky for him, Amy knows the score.

It's a story about growing up, about staying a kid, and about finding those magic moments that stop time.

(This film will be rated-PG.)

press for the stage play:

"hillarious and heartwarming"
-- Washington Square News .pdf here

"a touching, extremely funny scene
. . . a pleasure to watch." - read more here.

"First Base Coach, the funniest play of The Spin Cycle, features Kristin Skye Hoffmann and Ben Newman as an 11-year old girl and nine-year-old boy who are testing out hypotheses about just exactly what it means to get to first base in a relationship. Hoffmann and Newman work together like a classic comedy duo under Neil Fennell's direction, never making fun of the children they're portraying but allowing us to see ourselves—then and now—in their dead-on performances."
-- Martin Denton,
read the entire review here.


first base coach play postcard
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